Our business is well organised and highly supervised, so we feel our price reflects the quality of service you will receive including:


You can rely on us to do a good job because we deliver the staff to your door, check up on their work and get them to put thing right if their work is sub standard


We hold your keys in our secure key safe,they are checked in and out on a daily basis. We have adequate insurance  in case of damage and we do routine checks to see that your house is   secured.


We don’t charge  a cancellation fee, there are no contracts and no notice period to work out. You can have is in weekly, bi weekly or monthly – the price is the same.

We charge £15 per person per hour, with a minimum £30 service ( we’ll send 2 cleaners in for 1 hour) – you can increase the service in half hour increments .

We accept cheques, cash and standing orders.

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